Jewelry Repair & Watch Batteries

Jewelry repairs are our specialty! 
Work directly with a highly experienced goldsmith. Your prized, sentimental and valuable jewelry will be treated with the care it deserves. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have concerning your jewelry. 
Why use us for Jewelry Repair & Restoring?
Jon has been involved in the jewelry industry for more than twenty years and has completed thousands of repair jobs. He takes great pride in his ability to provide a full range of repair services on every day jewelry as well as the restoration of heirloom jewelry. The skills acquired by the repetition of thousands of jewelry repairs assures you that the job will be completed properly by a jewelry expert. This extensive experience has also enhanced Jon's ability to design custom jewelry that is more complex and able to withstand the rigors of everyday wear.
Services available at Jon Bate Jewelry Studio 
Ring sizing up or down on gold, silver or platinum---replacing worn out shanks---chain soldering (all types)---polishing and re-texturing jewelry---safely cleaning delicate stones---pearl & bead re-stringing---tightening of loose stones---replacing broken or missing stones---stone re-tipping and stone re-pronging---
We also do complete restoration work, for instance rebuilding a very worn piece of jewelry such as an old family heirloom.