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Birthstone of the Month
September is Sapphire
This precious gem is typically thought of in its blue hue. However the Sapphire comes in a myriad of colors: White Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Pink Sapphire, Green Sapphire, Purple Sapphire, Black Sapphire, and then there are the Star Sapphires. The technical name for Sapphire is corundum (which is the exact same mineral that Rubies are made of!). On the Mohs scale, Sapphires are rated at a 9 for hardness, third only to Moissanite & Diamond.
We have access to almost every gemstone possible.

Diamonds! We have a great source for any size or shape of 
diamond at great prices. Our GIA and AGS diamonds are certified conflict free, laser inscribed and come with free insurance for the first year. We also have a trade up program on diamonds purchased from our studio.

Moissanite! We are very excited about Moissanite. This 
gemstone is a great substitute for diamond. We have been selling Moissanite for years and we use it in our custom designs quite frequently. The combination of beauty, durability and price make Moissanite a great gemstone to own and enjoy.

Colored Gemstones! From amethyst to zircon and everything in between we have access to a huge inventory of beautiful colored gems. Whether you need to replace a small missing gemstone 
or are looking for an investment grade certified tanzanite, ruby or sapphire give us a call.